#Create365 // Day 50-56

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 50
Had a visit to the DCA and was inspired by all the different light patterns to create today's piece. Originally had just done the watercolour but decided to include loads of elements around the edges like in Rebecca Blair's Graphic Artwork.
Day 51
Another Rebecca Blair inspired piece using watercolours and micron pens and an array of patterns!
Day 52
Still felt hugely ill on Saturday so decided to do a 'Day in Doodles' by taking the things I did the most and creating a kind of pattern with them.
Day 53
Left: Done another mandala that looks extremely like a flower!
Right: Did a weird triangley thing too!
Day 54
Left: Was really inspired by James Victore this week and this is the first quote to do with that. Done quite a few things for today's create that I haven't exactly liked but this is the one I've liked the most.
Right: Done a second one because I wasn't hugely happy with the first one. Surprised that I hadn't done a camera yet as they mean a huge amount to me! 
Day 55
A little leafy pattern!
Day 56
Another James Victore inspired piece! I love his philosophy on the whole 'feck perfuction' idea and just had to create my own typography piece using similar techniques as to how he does them!
This week there has been a bit of a bump in the road for some reason I'm not too sure why. It was good at the start but in the middle of the week I had a bit of a slump, may have been to do with being ill but yeah anyway! Hopefully it gets better.
If you want to keep up with the daily uploads, you can find them on my Instagram and Facebook Page.

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  1. Day 51's watercolour is incredible- absolutely gorgeous! x

    1. Thank you! I kind of feel like I should have left the background white though x

  2. I absolutely love this - I used to journal all the time and was recently thinking that I needed to get back in to it. I think seeing your pictures is really going to make me find the motivation to do it again. Day 50 is definitely my favourite one! x

    1. Thank you! :D You should definitely get back into it, love doing it! x

  3. ooh! the second one is my favorite! Love it Lauren!
    Jade x



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