Challenging Creativity

Friday, February 13, 2015

Obviously by now you all know I'm taking part in a little creative project throughout 2015. The main reason I started this is because I want to just push myself and creativity more. I had originally said I would easily work in loads of different mediums and just create anything that came to mind but so far I've just mainly done sketchbook work. 
Although the #create365 is my main goal I do have some mini goals I want to try and push myself to do throughout this project too.
#1 Make an inspiration journal | Make a physical version of my Pinterest/Tumblr
#2 Use at least 6 sketchbooks | Go all out and enjoy. Stop having the "first page fear"
#3 Learn something new | Learn about something I do now or something I've never tried
#4 Explore my ideas | Put pen to paper more often and enjoy the experience
#5 Stop being so afraid | Stop caring what people think and make work I'm proud of

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  1. Great ideas Lauren, good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  2. Stop being so afraid and learn something new are the best points and great for life in general xx

  3. I love all of your art! And I love the idea of the inspiration journal, think I may try it out for myself as well!
    - Laurel xxx



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