LIFE LATELY // Another DCA Visit

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A few days ago Lauren and I took another little visit to the DCA while in between classes as there was a few new exhibitions on show since the last time we'd been. The new ones on that we visited were the Visions of Void by Florian & Michael Quistrebert and one with new editions from Lucy Skaer. The exhibitions were extremely different with Visions of Void being more focused on the hypnotic usage of abstract video and paintings while Lucy Skaer's are collections of comissions created for the DCA. 

As I said before, the Visions of Void exhibition was a collection of mainly abstract videos, however there was also a collection of canvases. Throughout the two exhibitions rooms, there were two large, main installations both using film and manipulated graphics, smaller installation and a collection of the canvases. Throughout the work a combination of LED lights, spray-paint and graphics were used to create a surreal atmosphere. From this exhibition my favourite piece by far was The 8th Sphere. With identical projections being played on adjacent walls with them playing out of time with each other. In doing this, lots of different shapes and forms were created mainly using aspects of geometry. 

In the Lucy Skaer exhibition, it featured several screen printed designs created alongside her new photography book. Each of the books are created using several different traditional techniques. I really liked these prints created and the patterns on each of them although unique, worked together so well as a group. They reminded me a lot of when you would do marbling on paper when you were a child which is the technique they used. 

What exhibitions have you been to recently?

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