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Friday, January 30, 2015

Learning has always been something I've loved to do, as nerdy as it sounds. It's not like I got amazing grades during school but I loved sitting in my History and English classes taking notes. I've already mentioned it in a Sunday Summary but this semester at uni I've got a new module called Propaganda, PR and Misinformation. 

Apart from classes on Art & Design History and the Creative Industries during College, I haven't had to sit through proper classes since the start of 6th year before I left for College. It is an experience I have actually missed because all my work, or at least most of it, has meant sitting and working on briefs with a handful of tests, essays and lectures. Don't get me wrong, I do love sitting in a studio like surrounding with other creative-like folk and creating awesome stuff. But I do love getting lost during a lecture or a class and knowing I'm taking in lot's of interesting things. 

I've currently had 3 lectures so far and wow I feel like I've already learned so much and I definitely think learning about the way propaganda works is definitely going to help the more 'advertisement' side of my Creative Research project. Plus, I think by the end of this module it will have inspired some ideas for my Honors Project for next year. I have my first tutorial class this week which I have homework for (ohMYgod, not had to say "I have homework" in so long!) and have some questions to answer. 

But anyway I'm slightly restarting my 5 things Friday but as a more general idea with things from lifestyle, design and other goings on. So today is my 5 favourite things from learning
  1. Learning about a subject I've never studied before. We had the opportunity to study Sociology but I never took it, opting for more arty/computer based subjects.
  2. Gaining inspiration to do with Design but in a different context.
  3. That we will be having discussions to do with different pieces of text, articles and stuff going on in the world! 
  4. Kind of similar to the first one, but learning about the history and development of it and it's influences on Design. So much iconic graphic design from throughout the 20th Century is designs created for Propaganda reasons 
  5. And of course(!), new stationery!
I'd love to hear what you love about learning as well so let me know below or you can tweet me

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  1. Really interesting post! I think you do feel like you're learning more when taking notes from someone who knows what they're talking about. I like reading this kind of posts about university experiences, it's really helpful!
    lily x

    1. Exactly, it's so different from being told how to do something and then just go work on a hugely different idea! x

  2. This is a lovely post, a nice change from people complaining about education! I love learning new things every week and a reason to get new stationery haha xxx


    1. Thank you! I have to say I don't see many people ranting about just generally hating learning, more to do with the course or w.e! xxx

  3. I'm taking psychology next year at uni and I am looking forward to it but the thought of going is so overwhelming!! I do love the subject though (and also I am very jealous of that super cute notebook you have haha) x



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