Sunday Summary #54

Monday, January 26, 2015

It feels like such a long time since updating this blog but it's only been a few days. I've not felt myself this week as I've had the cold. When I've been coming home after busy days I've just wanted to crawl into bed not wanting to face the interweb. But from this week I'll try to get back into it with posts I've thought of for ages 

But, yeah, anyway onto what actually happened this week. Although I was feeling rubbish, I was still busy doing stuff from visiting an Exhibition to Darren's birthday! This week I also started doing a new thing on social media with hashtagging tweets, posts and photos with #thelittlethings which is because I've said I need to enjoy the little things more. 

After one of lectures during the week, Lauren and I decided to visit the Jim Campbell- Indirect Imaging exhibition/installation at the DCA (post to come soon). It was very surreal but was really beautiful too. 

Then on Thursday it was Darren's birthday. We planned on Thursday to grab something quick to eat and go see Birdman. But one of his work friends gave him a Pizza Express voucher so we opted to go there too! It was the first time both of had been there and we both quite enjoyed it. Birdman was amazing too! I was skeptical  at first but it blew me over! The cinematography and acting, especially from Emma Stone was superb!

Saturday I had organised a little surprise do for Darren's Birthday. Due to him now being well last year for his 21st, I thought it would be good to do something this year. So organised a meal (that took ages to sort) at TGI Friday's and we ended up spending some time at Cadonnas. 

How has your week? Are you going to see Birdman in the cinema?

Working on some blog stuff // Yay Hot Chocolate! // Jim Campbell Exhibition // Pretty Sunset // Away to see Birdman
Darren Cake #2 // Bubblegum Daquiri Woop! // Darren Cake #3 // The Gas Poop Crew

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  1. Happy birthday Darren! I am really craving pizza now lol I've been wanting to watch so many movies lately. Birdman is one of them!

    1. I'll let him know that you say happy birthday! ;D It's such a great film I couldn't recommend it more!



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