Sunday Summary #53

Monday, January 19, 2015

It's been quite a surreal kind of week tbh. Starting to get back into a routine with my Uni classes starting again this week. I've got a new class called Propaganda, PR and Misinformation which seems like it's going to be good and really interesting. Plus, it means actual learning and course work, and, as weird as it sounds, I'm kind of looking forward to? 

- Interesting new Uni classes
- Getting loads of inspiration for Uni briefs
- Tutor being really interested in my Creative Research project
- Finishing another book

- Horrible weather resulting in soaked boots & socks
- Getting a cold

Found some old sketches // Uni Work Illustrations // More Uni related work // Finished first book of 2015! // New duvet

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  1. Oh NO I hope you get better from your cold soon :( YAY for awesome uni classes though xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. I'm feeling slightly better this evening, must be the Day&Night nurse! Yay indeed :P xx

  2. I find its always quite exciting when you start new classes at uni, I hate coursework, probably because I'm totally useless at it, but I know what you mean about being excited to actually learn :)

    1. Yeah new classes and stuff are fun! It just feels like so long ago where I had to actually sit in a class and need to take notes. It's an odd but nice feeling!



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