Sunday Summary #51

Sunday, January 04, 2015

I can't believe that's us in 2015 now! It feels so surreal to say yet to think or write about. This past week, especially the first few days of the year I have just felt so productive!

I haven't exactly done too much this week, it's just been pretty quiet! On Tuesday, Darren came over to stay at mine for the night so decided to just chill out. After a little walk down the road and looking in a few shops we ended up just staying in and watching a few shows/films including the Black Mirror White Christmas Episode, which, if you haven't watched it, is incredible!

For Hogmanay this year, I spent it over at Darren's parents. His parents went to bed early so we stayed up with his brother and sister who wanted to play Monopoly. I ended up winning after an hour as they got to tired so wanted to go to bed basically as soon as it was midnight. 

With Thursday being the start of the year I've started my new #Create365 project as well! So far I'm enjoying it and can't wait to be making more stuff from it. I think I'll probably share each weeks creations on Thursday's for the year. If I were to share them each week in this summary post it might become a bit 'too' much. 

How's 2015 treating you so far? 

Trying out my new pens // Writing my Hopes&Dreams down for 2015 // Bringing in 2015 by playing Monopoly // Pretty moon tonight! // Sneak peak of tonight's #Create365

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  1. Happy new year chick, a nice relaxing week is the best after Christmas

  2. Happy new year! It's nice to relax! Have a great 2015! x

  3. Create365 sounds amazing, right up my street! I love making things but it's just having the time! The most I have done this year is sew some buttons on a pillow, abysmal!! Loved Black mirror too, they always have some amazing episodes, there was one a while ago that left me completely shocked!

    1. Totally should get involved then- not too late! I've been spending from 15 minutes to a few hours a night just to do something! I'm loving it so far. Black Mirror is great too! Always leaves me shocked.

  4. I'm really interesting to see more of your create365 project and I'm glad you will be sharing it here on the blog. Happy New Year!

    1. Feel like it's worth sharing so! :D



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