Recent Inspirations #2

Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's been ages since I've done a recent Inspirations post so here's a more up-to-date one! I'll try and do more of these as 'arty' posts is something I really want to do more of but it does mix in with lifestyle too. 

Hello My Name Is Naomi- Naomi's blog is always up there among my favourites but her recent posts have been brilliant! Plus her new blog design is lovely.
Cardboard Cities- I adore Laura's blog. I discovered it ages ago but have only started reading her posts properly more recently. The simple mix of different posts she does is what I really want to try and master with this blog as well. 
From Roses- Rebecca's blog posts are always on point and her photography is beautiful. Plus, her current inspiration post made me think of doing an up-to-date one!

Uni Work
Mathis Rekowski (collage)- I'm loving the mixture of different media used in this design. Although, I may not do a similar technique in my own work for Uni I'll definitely take inspiration from it-especially since we have been set a 'mash up' assignment. 
Paulette Magazine (hand drawn type)- Tbh I pinned this images months ago but I still love it. Once I finish off some photography bits and bobs I want to try and play around with the images and do more commenting on the Internet Culture through this type of imagery!
TV Heads (thought provoking photography)- Yep, hella creepy! But exactly what I'm going for. Seeing this image has totally sparked the dead light bulb I had in my head and I'm so excited about my project now!
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Cosy Outfit- I am all about cosy and cute outfits this year! I'm not usually one, actually no, I'm never one too layer up with cardigans and scarves and whatever else. But this year I've got so much! Maybe I'm just growing up?
Lazy Girl Hair- My hair is probably double the length of this, but I love the really simple waves and the plait together! Someone teach me how?
Black & White- I feel like black and white clothes are definitely taking up more space in my life right now.

Lauren Salgado (zentangles)- It's been pretty obvious throughout my #Create365 project so far that I've been pretty obsessed with zentangles and line art. But my main inspiration for that has definitely come from Lauren.
Amy Hodkin (Art Journaling)- I haven't bit the dust and done it yet, but I love art journaling and I am always so inspired with Lauren's. Maybe I would be better doing Book Journaling though as I would have something to work round?
Patterns (own photo)- I've included this one mainly just because I'm loving patterns just now. All kinds, in all different sizes, shapes and forms! 

Food & Drink
Strawberry Basil Lemonade- This just sounds darn right amazing. Saving for Summer usage!
Broccoli Pesto Pasta- With my whole 'try more/be less fussy' thing, I've been looking at loads of recipes that use ingredients I know I liked, plus ones I've not tried before, cooked in a way I haven't had it before. So this is pretty much perfect and covers that all!
Gaurdians of the Galaxy Cake- It's Darren's birthday this next week so I've been doing my annual inspiration look for birthday cake ideas!

What's been inspiring you recently?

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  1. Basil lemonade, wow just yum, and YAY more blogs to read, I also love having an abundance of black and white clothes and now I want to do a little short hair wave plait combo. Love this post xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Oh I love the line art! I should try it someday. Strawberry lemonade is the best. Drank it allot when I was in NY in Dec/Jan

    1. You should! It's great. I've never really had Strawberry Lemonade tbh! x



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