Favourites of the Week // 25

Monday, January 26, 2015

I kind of love these editorial illustrations...
What's your zodiac snack?
Mathilde's artwork is pretty beautiful

All these gifs are so bloody calming!
I feel like I'm going to keep starting posts over the next week "I'm sorry" or "I apologies" since I've not been around very much. But yeah, I hope you like the favourite things I've came across over the past two weeks.

Other favourites...
> This is the cutest way to tell your partner you're pregnant
> I can't believe this game free! It's so much fun to play
> Some of the things people do on Instagram is crazy but pretty awesome
> If you're having a pretty rubbish day, these images may make you feel better... or you'll just be able to relate to them

On blog land
> My friend Clare is back in blogland with more posts and videos!
> Yeah this is exactly what I used to do when I need a confidence boost
> I really should get my ass out there and start doing meditation/yoga
> Katie's letter to her parents about dropping out of uni is just wow
> There's been so much going on about 'Page 3' but this post was brilliant

Weekly Wishlist
> Another thing to add on my endless list of 'Designer Must-Haves'
> Maybe if I buy some work out clothes then I'll actually do it?

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  1. Oh the pregnancy announcement is so sweet! Three babies in and I feel like I've missed a trick! And as my favourite snack is sweet and salty popcorn I'm apparently a perfect Gemini !

    1. It's so adorable! I do like popcorn but not enough for it to be my perfect snack haha



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