Favourites of the Week // 23

Monday, January 05, 2015

I hope I create something as awesome as this for my Honors project!
This art series is mind blowing and so beautiful!
Love this artwork- the detail, colours, just everything!

Other favourites of the week...
> Yep, this drink sounds amazing!
> I want to visit all these places
> I definitely think 'drinking non-stop' should be added into Scotland's New Year Traditions

Also, there's been so many awesome 'tip' based posts this week so here are my favourites:
> To make your Instagramming better
> To save money in 2015 
> To get through 2015 successfully

Weekly Wishlist
> Next time I'm in Paperchase, I am so buying this diary!
> I might be 20 this year but holy crap I want this so bad!

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