Dear December

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Dear January,
These past few weeks have been really great. Not because anything amazing has happened, which I suppose it has but because I've just been able to chill out and get more relaxed. I was really stressed out at the start of last month with a hand in coming up and having 3 presentations to do! But I'm on break from Uni just now and I know I got an overall B+ for my first project there which I'm super happy with!  I've not really caught up on any of the other work I've had to do over my break so far though which I feel really guilty about but I'll have time to do that this weekend coming and next week to which is a great thought.

I'm so happy that this month I've also been able to catch up with loads of different friends that I know from different areas of life. It's been great to see them all and spent some time with them, even if it was only like an hour or two. Going to technically my first 'house party' was pretty awesome too as it didn't feel like the stereotypical parties that happen in films or even those that actually happen in real life. It was just a good laugh with everybody in a festive mood!

It's kind of mental to think that it's 2015 now though, it doesn't really make sense to me in a way. This year has really just passed like nothing but soooo much has happened that I wish I kept up the memory jar I made at the start of last year. I can only hope 2015 is as good to me as 2014 was. 

During December I didn't have much goals going on apart from being more creative and festive. I think I was definitely more creative this month with making my own Christmas tree decorations, decorating wrapping paper, making festive treats and doing some doodling. But apart from that I haven't done so well with actual design work, both for Uni and personal briefs- oops! But I'm hoping to get up on that next week. Speaking of getting caught up, I haven't been able to catch up with my GoodReads goal. With so much going on this month I just never got into the 'mood' of reading so never finished it. But I'm going to add the left over amount of books to read to my 2015 goal, so 28 in total! I also didn't do much scheduling for #cbloggers either but there weren't as many chats this moth as there have been with Christmas and New Years so I'm just going to save that as my excuse!

For January I have already got my goals written down but left them in a notebook I'm not sure where they are but I'll try and remember! I definitely need to catch up on the creative work I want done for sure. This month I also need to start getting into a better overall routine, with not only sorting out a make-up routine but getting better for coming off my laptop/going to bed early! 

What's your goals for January?

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