2014 in Review

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Today's post is just a bit of a fun take on a year in review but I want to put together everything that I have loved, enjoyed or want to do again from 2014! 

The start of the year was pretty awesome with going to see the Panto for the first time in years! The rest of the month was pretty quiet apart from getting Uni applications finished until Darren's 21st birthday. For Darren's birthday I ended up making him a few Breaking Bad inspired cakes. surprising him with one of them when we were out for tea at TGI's. 

February wasn't a huge exciting month either but I finally managed to get all my drawings completed for Life Drawing and I started hearing back from Uni's about interviews and places for starting after Summer. This month I was out again but to our standard Valentine's Day meal out at Frankie & Benny's. 

March wasn't exactly an exciting month either with more focusing on my Graded Unit project at College. I did during this month use a laser cutting machine for the first time and obviously haven't looked back since! This month I also hit 100 bloglovin followers. I was out for a few meals during this month again, once to meet up with a friend and the the other for Mothers Day. 

April was an amazing and really exciting month for me! When we were on break from College for 2 weeks, one week was spent away and finally visited the Harry Potter Studios that was one of his presents for his 21st! This month I finished up my Graded Unit project with getting an overall A for it! I had a second trip during April this time with College that was amazing! I honestly want to go back so much!
May was another busy month in regards with College as it was the start of my En of Year Exhibition prepping. It was difficult to start with since I wasn't even sure what I really wanted to do for the first few weeks and couldn't get into it. This month Darren and I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary with a day down at the beach and amusements in Aberdeen. 
June was another exceptionally busy month. I started the month trying to finish all my design work for the End of Year Show as well as ordering business cards/stickers and putting together my other freebies. During this month I also celebrated not only my 19th Birthday but also my blogs 1st birthday. Once I was fully finished with College I was able to have some chill out time and had a trip to the beach with Sarah.

In August I was up to a few things again! One of my Birthday presets from June was tickets to go see Darren Brown at HMT. It was incredible and being able to go on stage as an audience was incredible! Darren and I also took our first 'couple' holiday with a few days in Edinburgh. By the end of our holiday we were engaged! This month also sparked the start of me creating laser cut necklace designs. 
Another month that was truly amazing was August as I finally passed my driving test- 4th time lucky! I also had a movie night/sleep over with Sarah which was so great as it's been ages since having one. After finally getting a transfer to a closer store I had a weekend off where Darren and I decided to have a visit up to Dunnottar Castle

September was a pretty big month in terms for not just me but Scotland on a whole as it was time for voting in the Scottish Referendum. I officially started in University this month down at Abertay which was nerve wracking but has been incredible so far! It was also my sisters 21st Birthday which meant a huge house party! 

During October I officially became a Hogwarts student- okay, well, maybe not 'officially' but I got sorted into a house from an RGU Society! This month I also seen Lee Evans which I bought tickets for Darren & I's 3rd anniversary. The day after I finally Graduated from College which was truthfully, quite boring but all pretty awesome too. I also tried a Rocky Road Pancake from The Pancake Place which are amazing! 

In November I started the month of by seeing the local Fireworks for Bon Fire night. This month I also finally got myself an iPhone that was kindly, partially paid for as a Graduation Present. I also spent this month doing a few design things, the main being Charlotte's new blog design! During this month I spent another few days in Edinburgh with Darren and got to visit a few places that we didn't see the last time. During November I visited a few awesome exhibitions in Dundee at the DCA too. 

December as usual was a crazy busy month! I had a hand in for one class along with about 3 other presentations. As well as that I've had a few 'drinky' days with going out for birthdays and a few house warming type things! There was a few normal cafe meet ups in between though so it hasn't all been drunkered! 

...and that would be my year! I've had such an incredible year especially with Graduating, passing my driving test, getting engaged and started to do more design work! I honestly can't wait to see what 2015 will bring into my life. 

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  1. It looks as if you had an amazing year! And congratulations on getting engaged (:

    Sophie x | sophhskii.co.uk

  2. Ahh looks like your year was incredible. I hope 2015 is just as good. xx


  3. Looks like such a fun year! Congrats on the engagement!
    I personally loved the Olaf cookie in this post - so cute
    Happy new year!

    Laura | elelibee

    1. Definitely did and thank you! It was yummy!

  4. you had such an amazing year!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com



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