2014 Favourite Design Projects

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Over 2014 I created so many things from College briefs to personal bits and bobs that I loved creating. I felt like reminiscing about some of the designs I created, especially since I never got round to sharing all my final College projects!
My projects range from web design bits and bobs to the more personal designs I've created for sale, part of gift swaps and for friends. I have to say showing all this has made me realise how much work I have done this year. But sadly how much of that work becomes more personal as the year goes on. I really need to up my game this year on competition briefs so I'm going to start make that as important as my Uni work as they are key pieces to do. And they will count towards my #Create365 as well.

I love my web design I did at the start of the year. Being able to use Natasha's photo definitely helped pull it all together so I'm thankful she let me use it!
Definitely my favourite project of the year was my Livres Animes project for my Graded Unit (which I got an A on)! It was such a fun project to experiment a bunch on and I personally feel I made some awesome stuff too. 
Like these cards, they were a bit hit and miss with the laser cutter machine but I love how they turned out and the colours I feel still work so well! Still considering whether to make more of these or not...
And these badges. They were simple but I loved how they turned out and how cute they looked. 
Obviously I had to include my personal promo stuff for the End of Year Exhibition. I am mostly in love with my business card and keyring for this but the badges and stickers were cool too. So much time making these and the packs to give away as well!
And my CV! I really need to update this and not sure if it still fits 'me' but I do love it. The colours and style I still love so much. And it was my first time really using a tablet to do writing.
Not really a proper thing but obviously I had to include my set up for the show! I did love the app design & calendar here but they were done in 2013. Plus the London poster which was done after my London trip!
My first Laser Cut jewelry! I still love this piece so much and even though the burning wasn't great it still came out so great. I really need to read this book though...
Yep, this is on here too! I love how whimsical this looks and trust me, when a Wedding Date/Day comes everything will have this sorta style!
Another necklace I made a few months late. I just really like the simpleness of this and plus the roses came out super good for being the size they were!
And this necklace! Oh this necklace! It took soooo long to get right and when I finally did I was ecstatic about it and it made me feel even more happy that the friend who commissioned it has loved it too! 
My first blog design commission! This was such a fun project to work on and I really do want to do more of these in the future (if someone hires me that is). It was an incredible experience and Charlotte was great to work with. You can read more about the process for that here.
Probably my favourite thing from my Uni projects so far and I did them all in a few hours! I love the look of these but I still need to finish the rest of these off before Thursday (or at least next week)... oops! 
And finally my laser cut tree decorations that I made for friends, family and other close people! I'm so glad I bit the dust and made these as basically everybody loved them! Hopefully you'll see these more later in the year too *wink wink*. 
So yeah, that's my favourite Design Projects I've worked on last year. I know a lot of it is just my Laser Cut designs but honestly, after working on a design and it not coming out perfectly straight away and then finally it comes out amazingly, it just makes me so happy! 

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  1. Your work is absolutely amazing! I really love those necklaces and cards ^^


  2. Your stuff is amazing! So Creative. My favorite is the Livres Animes poster you did. I would love to get into screen printing, I always find it so beautiful.


    1. Thank you! Screen printing is an amazing tool to use, really want to do a project with it! x

  3. These are all amazing, your very talented hun thesr are definitely my type of style xx

  4. Oh wow, such amazing work - you are super talented indeed. Looks like a lot of hard work went into all of this and I love the style of it all. I can imagine how much everyone loved the tree decorations - something that personal is always awesome to receive.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Thank you very much! I did certainly put in a lot of hard work to do it all, especially my Livres Animes projects! Personal is great as well! xo

  5. This is so cool!! I especially love the CV and those badges. I can't wait to see more this year! xxx

  6. LOVE love love your creativity Lauren. Great work! :)

  7. Your work is all so creative and unique! Love them so much, but I think my favourite has to be the Livres Animes poster. I just love a good poster xD

    1. Thank you very much! Definitely try and be a little different. (& don't worry I love a good poster too!)

  8. I love your work! It's amazing. you are so creative. Really like the ornaments !:D
    Jade x



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