Blogmas Day 5: Inspiration Tips

Friday, December 05, 2014

This week I'm back! I was really busy with course week last week and didn't have time to upload a new Friday Tips* but I'm back today. Today's topic is Inspiration and what to do with it when you have/find it. This has been a topic I've wrote briefly about before here but today's post will be kind of different to that so I would recommend reading it.
Inspiration is a huge area to delve into. Especially since it can be broken down into finding inspiration, piecing it together and writing about it. However, each of these things are actually pretty simple to talk about and wouldn't necessarily need a full post dedicated to them. But anyway...

Finding Inspiration
There is a lot of sources of inspiration other nowadays, most of which I covered in this blog post. But when it comes to finding inspiration if you are more open to things and go out and explore the world you will become inspired much easier than if you don't look at anything.

Organising your Inspiration
Lots of the time nowadays inspiration sits on your phone or your pinterest boards doing nothing there. Yet there is loads of ways to put it together that will visually make sense to you and keep you focused on those ideas. If you put them together in a moodboard- made on the computer or printed out, it will mean you can put similar images together.

Writing about Inspiration
This bit has a lot to do with intense writing but it can be done on the small side if it's for a Pinterest caption or notes in a sketchbook. The easiest thing is to just jot down each of the things you like about the piece and how you could take it into your work. Simple things like "I like it" aren't detailed and you might not be able to remember exactly why you liked it at a later date. Try to write something that comments on a certain aspect of the piece like colour, composition, techniques etc.

Don't get too caught up with Inspiration
Some times during projects you can be more focused on the inspiration rather than actually creating the work. In these cases its better to take a step away from the inspiration and just create! It's pretty easy to get caught up in what you've been looking at and accidentally create something that could look exactly like what you've been looking at. -Be inspired, don't copy!

*I've been having a bit of a think over the past few weeks and I'm not going to restrict myself to having to write five tips. Today's post is one of those that don't need it but there will be others that it would be better with more than five tips! I'm also not going to be posting in the order of the 3 C's that I mentioned in the introductory post as I'll always have more to add.
As always, if you have any ideas for posts then let me know below!

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