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Friday, December 12, 2014

So about a month ago I came out all singing and dancing saying I was going to be starting this new series called 5 Tips Friday. Since then I've been, well simply, not happy with it at all. At first it was having it as 5 Tips and now it's more I'm just not so sure on the idea and whether to continue or not.

I've done loads of posts before nailing it down to this specific day/theme that include tips, ideas and other helpful bits and to me, they felt much more 'personal'. So I think at this point, so that what I'm writing will actually be help in someway I'm not always going to have this idea running. I prefer my blog to be a bit more spontaneous so I think that's what this is going to become. 

At this point, what I post on Friday's it will generally still be 'design' based but not so nailed down on tips or things along that line. I hope this makes sense and I would like to hear if you have any design related ideas for posts or something you actually want to read! 

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  1. Friday tips seems like a great idea. I hope you get back into this and keep it going :)

    Lovely blog

    Lorilee :)
    love it if you stopped by

    1. Thanks, it was just the structure of the idea I didn't like, needs to be more spontaneous for me haah!



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