Found This Week #18

Monday, December 01, 2014

I really, really, really, need to start taking all these points on board! Maybe then I wouldn't get so stressed with things!
How cute is this little puppy!?
Santa can I please have this notebook for Christmas??
love the whole design and typography on this magazine

Also found this week...
> So does anybody fancy buying my everything on this gift guide?
> Em, this is the perfect thing for Winter and I need it in my life!
> Neutrals and grays are so pretty together- room makeover needs done!
> Kinda want to live in one of these homes!
> Hannah's post about going back to College so amazing, I wish her all the luck for it!

PS, please vote for OhHay! Blogs in Arts & Culture for the UK Blog Awards 2015 here – it takes a few seconds and would make me an extremely happy blogger!

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  1. The calendar and the notebook is gorgeous might help me get organised too ;) xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. That calendar and notebooks are gorgeous! Every blogger needs them to help plan things. At the moment I am all over the place, I need to be more organised.


    1. Oh definitely and they are so beautiful! x



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