Blogmas Day 22: Favourites of the Week // 21

Monday, December 22, 2014

These animals are all so stinking adorable!
omg! I can't believe this video game is actually made out of paper!
Really want to make some of these breakfast ideas on Christmas Day!
Kind of in love with all the holiday/Christmas decorations!

Other favourites from the week...
> It is a sharey-type post but I actually just loved it! 
> Leona's engagement story is so cute and sweet!
> So I just found out that the 'Cup Song' has a music video...
> This dog is so freaking adorable!! 

Weekly Wishlist
> Oh I wish I had an Ipad to get this sleeve
> I really need this stamp in my life
> These socks are so adorable!!

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  1. Oh wow, those cats are the cutest! That pancake also looks delicious :)

    Bethan Likes

    1. I know aren't they just?! I just want to eat it up haha!

  2. That game made out of paper is amazing! Tempted to play it... xD



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