Blogmas Day 10: DESIGN FEATURE | Joshua Phillips

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Over the past few weeks I've really been becoming more and more obsessed with typography and after spotting this gem over on Oh! Leona and I have to say I definitely have a new found type crush! In her post Leona shared the work from Joshua Phillips, a graphic designer from Northeast Arkansas.
After having a look about on his website I was definitely most drawn to his hand lettering and volume projects but the other areas of his design are amazing too. There is a lot of variety in his work but yet still a consistent style. A lot of it seems to revolve around the typography used which is one aspect I think drags people into design. 

Throughout a lot the pieces, photography is an important aspect like the type too. I really love the collaboration Volume project that he worked on with photographer, Matthew Walton. The type and photos compliment each other so well that I don't know what's more beautiful, the lettering or photography! I would really love to try and do a project like this solely by myself. I think it would really advance and define my skills in both the areas.

Throughout looking at Phillips work, it has really made me think about doing more work I want to do. Through my University work it is a lot more digital based which I knew going into it so I definitely feel I need to get my game face on and do some personal/competition briefs to expand my work. 

What do you think about Joshua's work? What people have you found recently that have really inspired you?

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