Blogmas Day 1: Dear December

Monday, December 01, 2014

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Dear December, 

This past month has been kind of weird. I say it like every week, let alone every month, but it has past so quickly! I've had so many great days this month with the Fireworks, trip to the DCA/McManus Exhibitions with Uni and my weekend away in Edinburgh.
I have been getting a little stressful with all the Uni work that's gone this month with a hand in and loads of presentations going on last week, this week and next! It's a bit mental. But I'm kind of glad that I'll basically be finished Uni for this term after this week and I can get relaxing before Christmas.
I have been wanting to do some Christmas laser cut designs too but not had the time. I would try and get it done next week but think it may be a little late to do a huge amount or actually sell them on Etsy/Folksy, so we'll see! I'm yet to actually get into the competition briefs I mentioned last month but with time of from Uni I'm hoping I might get a chance then. I don't know though as I feel I'll be loading myself with loads and loads of projects again and I'll stress out more!

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Last month I had wanted to get caught up on my GoodReads Challenge. Although I haven't done that, I have read 2 books this month- one being Lament which was a lot better than I expected it to be and reread Mockingjay before seeing Part 1. So technically, I am only 1 book behind schedule but that's including my reread! I've just started reading Warm Bodies today as it's a book I've had since not long after it was released as  a film so getting my teeth into now! I also said about being more organised with this blog and #cbloggers. Uhm, so yeah this didn't go to plan really at all! I did have a week and a half of posts scheduled for this blog at one point but other than that it has been like this post and done really late...ooops! 

Aahhh so now December. What to do in December. I definitely want to just be a lil more creative this month whether it's just random train doodling, to working on competition briefs to working hard on Uni briefs. I really just need to jump into all the ideas I have circling my head right now and get stared with them. This month I also really want to do loads of Christmassy things including baking, crafting and movie marathons! I've also heard today that Aberdeen is high up on the list for having a white Christmas which is so exciting! Oh and I want to do blogmas! 

What's your plans for the next month?
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