Blogmas Day 9: November Favourites

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

This months favourites are a bit later than usual but I had some other awesome stuff to share with you last week!
Night School by C.J. Daugherty-  I read this at the start of the month and my god it was soo good! It was really gripping and I need to buy the next book.
Nailwear Pro+ Make My Day- This has been a favourite nail varnish for ages but I've worn it quite a bit this month. With just 2/3 of only the nail varnish it can last a good few days which is pretty awesome.
iPhone 5s- I'm loving my wee iPhone! It just works so much better than my old phone, plus the camera is tons better!
Primark- Snowflake Phone Case- I've adored my first phone case that I bought for my 5s! For it being from Primark it really has a good quality feel about it.
Fox Hot Water Bottle- How can you not love this? It's so cute!
Crochet Snood- The background for this months favourites! I got this from Sainsbury's, it's soooo big and comfy and cosy! Definitely becoming my favourite winter accessory. 

Other favourites from the past month-

Watch it- Mockingjay- The film is so amazing, I loved it. I want it to be November 2015 already to see the last part! 
Play it- Limbo- Darren got this on his Xbox One this month from the anniversary of the release last year. I think I've played it each time I have been at his for at least half an hour. It's so beautiful and so addictive.
Read it- Well, I included a book in the image above so it has to be that! 

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