Blogmas Day 7: Sunday Summary #47

Sunday, December 07, 2014

 This past week has been so stressful but so great. I've finished Uni classes and things have started getting all things Christmassy at home! 
During my Uni week I've had two presentations! Both went well I think and I'm so glad with the work I've done for my Communication & Interaction class (see 5th instagram photo) so far. And I think it's definitely work I want to produce and is a lot freer in style which I love doing!
I've had a bit of a boozy week as well tbh, after my Communication & Interaction class, my lecture and the rest of us went across to the student bar and a had a few drinks. I will admit it was really weird to be drinking with a lecture but it was actually genuinely nice! I was also at a birthday party last night for one of Darren's family members. Apparently the newspaper was in taking photos during a really embarrassing version of pass the balloon (parcel) where you had to put on a piece of clothing if you landed with it when the music stopped- I ended up with two pieces!

I'm so glad it's December now though as it's becoming so Christmassy! I have two advent calednars- the Yankee Candle one and a Throntons chocolate one. We also put up our Christmas decorations today. I'm yet to finish my window stickers but I did get the mini tree done. Since we have two trees now I took it up to decorate the smaller one- all with a similar theme of red, white and silver and handmadey looking decorations! 

How has your week been?

Get to finally open this up!!! // Letter & type doodles! // Icicles // Bought a few things from new look! // Something from my communication and interaction project!
Time for my Christmas Candles! // Drinks with uni class! // Out for a birthday // Christmas trees are up!!

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  1. YAY for finishing and being able to enjoy christmas, must admit slightly jealous of your calendars ;) xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. haha yup! My uni went back a lot earlier compared to most uni's so means we get a longer time off before Christmas and shorter time after new year! xxx

  2. I'm so jealous that your classes have finished! I still have two weeks left :( It's definitely feeling so much more like Christmas now which is making me so excited x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. We did start about 2 weeks earlier than most other uni's so it works out haha! x

  3. woop, bet u are glad you can enjoy Christmas now, Goodbye Uni (for now) .. :D

    1. Definitely! I still need to do work during the holidays like but it's nice to have more 'me' time! x



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