Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve Baking

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I actually wasn't planning on this being today's blog post but I think after my little afternoon of decorating biscuits and a bit of an incident I kind of had to... I'd seen loads of these Snowmen Biscuits over Pinterest and really fancied making my own ones of them to try. With it being Christmas tomorrow it definitely seemed like the perfect time! 

After about 2/3 hours I had made about 20-25 different snowmen to then have my mum destroy about half of them! My grandparents hadn't long arrived and I hadn't long finished decorating the last of them. I had also just placed my 'good' ones onto a separate plate so that I could keep them separate for photography. Which was when disaster happened... 

My mum had been making tea for everybody when *snap*, one of the cups handles broke and tea went everywhere! All over my new Christmas jumper. All over the floor. And most disappointingly, ALL. OVER. MY. BISCUITS! Well, half of them anyway.

I am actually so gutted that they got wrecked but my Granda seemed to enjoy them although they were a bit soggy. But I suppose you dunk digestives into tea anyway! I'm just glad my good ones are safe and sound. Plus we managed to save a few. 

Have you had any baking disasters recently?

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