Blogmas Day 18: All I want for Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2014

This is a bit of a late Blogmas post today as I wasn't really sure what to post in all honesty but then I got this idea for today's Blogmas post from Life Lenses. I've been wanting to do a wishlist post but it's a bit late for that so this seems like a good compromise!

I want to make: 
Christmas Breakfast- Pancakes, Crossiants, Pain Au Chocolat?
Melting snow man cookies
Cornflake wreaths
My own wrapping paper
Decorate my own tags
A Christmas drink concoction

I hope to get:
Books (design, art or young adult please!)
Art Supplies (mainly brush pens/tools/paint)
Cute fox things
Camera/photography things

Gifting myself:
More art supplies
A new purse
Loads of cute tshirts
Expensive make up- from benefit mainly
New notebook

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