Blogmas Day 19: 5 Things I've learned from Blogging

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ah another really late blogmas post! I've been busy spending the day illustrating little doodle type things on gift tags, getting a few last minute presents from Matalan and finally decorating and wrapping presents! I also spent about an hour this morning taking a load of different photos to have 'just in case'! 

I've said before but this year marks the fourth year since I got into 'blogging'. Although the first 3 years of that my blogging knowledge was extremely limited and stretched to whatever sort of blogging tumblr covered. But since then and since starting this blog I feel I have learned a lot from design to social media to content. 

1. It's best to have some sort of schedule/ideas in advance...
But these ideas and schedules don't usually ever pan out into working! Like today, I planned to take loads of photos and edit in order to be able to write loads of posts, well look at it now, it's currently 10:35pm am I'm rushing to write this post!

2. There's a lot more to blogging that first thought...
When I started this blog, I thought it would be mainly do a few typography quote things and a few colour inspiration posts. But since then ohmyfox, has that changed! There's always so much to do from creating content, taking photos for content, editing, promoting, connecting with other bloggers and (possibly) PR, plus things like design and other behind the scene stuff. It does get seriously stressful but there is an upside too it...

3. So much skills learned through blogging can be super helpful to use in the work place!
A lot of companies love to see people who go the extra mile and are passionate about something. Having this blog and writing on it and uploading it with things I love- especially in the design world, I feel really does show how passionate I am to work in that industry which can't look anything but good! Plus there are loads of other skills to take from it too like writing & communication skills, Social Media knowledge and even basics of HTML. 

4. Social Media is an amazing tool to use for things other than looking at memes. 
I will be honest and put my hands up but the mass amount (probably at least 75%) of my Bloglovin' follower count has came from the different Twitter Chats I join in with. Over the past week I think I've joined in with about 4 or 5 different chats and my follower count has increased by about 15!

5. But lastly, and the most sweetest thing of all, you connect with amazing people.
I'd like to think I've made some really great friends over the past year and a half of having this blog. I've loved being able to connect with people who are doing similar courses and speaking to them about it. And it's been amazing to find people who live near me who I would never have met if it weren't for blogging. I would go and start listing the amazing people I have connected with but I know I would miss someone- but you all know who you are anyway!

This is just a few things I've learned from blogging and I have enjoyed getting from doing this. I'm not sure where I would be right now if it weren't for this blog but I know it wouldn't be as nearly as good or as fun. But anyhooo, before it get's to mushy! I'd love to hear what are the best things you've learned from blogging too. 

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