Blogmas Day 14: Sunday Summay #48

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This week has been pretty relaxed since I only had to go into Uni one day this week and that meant not having to get up early! I literally slept into between 10am and 12pm like all week last week. It was bliss. 

At the start of the week have a hand in for my Kinetic Illustration class which I spoke about in my Uni Update. I was pretty nervous with my final hand in and felt the actual quality and appeal of the video was pretty rubbish in all honesty. But I found out on Wednesday that I had actually been given an overall B+!!! 

Ok I honestly don't have anything else to say about this week, it was very laid back and I'm glad I had a little bit of time to just enjoy it (even though I will be doing more of that this week too). This week and next are going to be sooo busy but so fun and exciting! I'm meeting friends for lunch on Tuesday and Thursday, seeing The Hobbit Tuesday as well, having a night in with an old tumblr pal on Wednesday and next Monday I'm at a friends house warming/Christmas Party and then obviously Christmas! 

Alli Speed replied to me!! // Hot Chocolate with a marshmallow mountain // Got an overall B+ for my Kinetic Illustration class!! // Love my#dicraftswap parcel!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect chilled out week, I wish I wasn't so antsy and could just have a lie in haha xxx

    1. It was haha! If know I want to sleep in/just get a proper length of sleep I'll turn of all my alarms :) Really helps me to just regain sleep lost during the week! xxx



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