UNI LIFE // Uni Updates #3

Friday, December 12, 2014

It's definitely been a while since my last Uni Update so since I've had hand in's and presentations recently and I'm finished going in for the semester, what better time to catch up to speed!

Kinetic Illustration
To start of with I'll speak about the class I have had a hand in for, Since my last update, I've gone through a few different ideas and ended up with my final outcome. I've also heard back from my hand in and know what grade I got overall for it too (B+). I'm pretty happy with my final outcome but looking back at what I've done now and the actual brief I kind of wish I went down the route of illustrated motion graphics instead of the film/photography angle as it would have worked into my portfolio a lot better. However, it just means I have something else to work on in my spare time!

Creative Research
Not much has really happened since my last update with Creative Research. I'm still focusing on the idea of having a board game but since my presentation 2 weeks ago I feel like I need to step away from that idea and just create something for a bit of fun and see where that goes. However, I have created a few things that was in-line with my board game idea before my presentation so I do have those at the moment.
Communication & Interaction
This has definitely been my favourite class for working on just now as I'm really happy with what I have done since my last update. I'm still working down the idea of Zodiacs but I've decided much more on a style and have started doing some work for it. I've also decided that I don't really want to create something that has a feminine look to it as a lot of illustrations that I've looked at are like that. The most recent illustrations I've done are created using watercolour and photoshop and I love how the look just now but they do need a little bit of work!
Ink/brush/pen illustrations in (generally) only black
Inspiration board of watercolour/feminine illustrations. Mix of general illustrations and Zodiac themed ones
My illustrations: Top Left-Bird, Top Right-Scorpion, Bottom Left-Cat, Bottom Right-Fish.
Animal drawings first painted and edited in photoshop.
Professional Project
Again, I can't really share too much in this update like the last one as although it isn't fully covered under NDA I still don't want to give or show to much away. At the moment I'm working on finishing the logo/branding designs and will be going on to doing the User Interface/Menu options. A lot of this progress have been done over the past month and a bit after we finally decided on a name for our game! There are a few hiccups at the moment due to some external issues in the group but it's looking good that we'll have a prototype done by March/April I think!

That's really all my updates from Uni just now. I might do a few individual posts on specific modules if people are interested in that plus I'm thinking of sharing some things from different outings we've had with Uni too. 

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