TRAVEL | Edinburgh in November // Day 4

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

With our last day in Edinburgh, we decided to visit the Castle as we hadn't had the chance as of yet this holiday with our visit to the National Museum taking more time than expected. We also had a little visit to the Children's Museum

On Monday morning we got up early once again so that we had time to pack all our stuff away and to get breakfast. Like our last day back in July, we ended up going to The Filling Station for breakfast. This time I was feeling fine and had pancakes with maple syrup, hot chocolate and a few slices of toast.

After our breakfast, we finally headed up to the Castle. Since it was a Monday, not during any holiday times and was pretty horrid weather wise, it was pretty quiet. We had a wander around all the rooms in the grounds and headed to the Chapel last as we think there was a wedding being held inside it during the morning. It was crazy to see the crown jewels and the stone of destiny in the Castle. It was also pretty heartbreaking seeing the 'black books' inside the memorial building so close after Remembrance Day.

With our look around the Castle finished, we headed back down the Royal Mile to a Children's Museum we had seen the night before. It brought back a lot of memories seeing some of the old toys, cereal boxes and other memorabilia bits and pieces. We never realised how large the Museum was until we started going through the 5 different Galleries.

When we were finished looking round we still had a good hour left before having to head back to the hotel for the taxi. In the end we went to Garfunkles for a third time this holiday and got some deserts. Darren had a Sundae and I had another pancake and hot chocolate. Since there wasn't many street performers or market stalls we had to just walk around some of the shops to make use of the time we had left. It did leave a bit of a damper just strolling around with no purpose at the end of our holiday but we have still so much to do the next time we go back!

This is the last day we had in Edinburgh before we went home, but if you have missed any posts so far you can read about Day 1/2 and Day 3 here.

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  1. I love Edinburgh when we went but I so want to go again and visit the Children's Museum, how sweet! I hope you had a lovely time away, I'm jealous!

    Sammy xo.

    1. It is really cutesy tbh! There was one room with a bunch of dollies and teddies that was kind of creepy since they were so old! I did as well, thank you! xo

  2. I've only been to Edinburgh once and didn't do half of this stuff, but those photos have really made me want to go again. It's such a beautiful place, even in bad weather! X

    Another Coffee Shot: graphic design and lifestyle

    1. Definitely! People seem to think that Edinburgh doesn't have much to do (up here anyway) and you're better going to Glasgow! But I love all the cultural things in the City and it just makes me feel so inspired being there! Darren said the same thing about it being even more beautiful in the rain haah! x

  3. I have never been before and it looks so beautiful, you got some fab shots and the food looks super yummy too. I actually kinda like 'miserable' weather days out,,,kinda weird huh xx


    1. It really is beautiful! I don't mind them as long as I don't get drenched haha! xx

  4. I love edinburgh! hope you had a gorgeous time hun. looks beautiful



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