TRAVEL | Edinburgh in November // Day 3

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday was fair more relaxed than Saturday in a way. But we were still up quite early to try and get out and about in the morning.
We started the day by going to the National Portrait Gallery down on Princess Street. It was pretty mind blowing to see all the different art with some of the oldest dating back to the 1300's! I'm still not sure if it was okay or not but I never took any photos inside because it didn't seem right too. I was a bit disappointed once we had came out to find that the National Gallery beside it was closed for some reason. I was actually looking forward to having a look in there too but oh well. 

After our look around the Art Gallery, we headed down Princess Street to go to Union Street as there was an exhibition/shop I really wanted to visit there. On the way we got slightly distracted after we ended up going into a Car Boot Sale in the shopping center car park. After a quick look round before everybody had packed up we carried on to the shop to find out it was closed! I was so gutted as it looked amazing in the window that you could look in. 

With the disappointment set in, it meant some retail therapy and Christmas shopping time. Although we got lost in John Lewis (don't ask) we spent about an hour or two looking in the different shops. I bought a few things while we were in the shopping center, mainly Yankee Candles and stuff from Tiger but no Christmas Presents. 

When we got back up to the Royal Mile after our little shopping spree, we ended up booking a time slot for Mary King's Close. The rest of the afternoon as we had time to kill we spent looking in some shops around our hotel and down the end of The Royal Mile nearer Holyrood. For tea we ended up back at Garfunkles. 

The slot we booked for Mary King's Close was their later tour which apparently was more 'gruesome'. The best was to describe it was like a cross between the Dungeon tours in the likes of Edinburgh, York and London and a standard Ghost Tour. We were told information about the Close and the people who lived there. I was also picked as a witch again and was made to 'walk' until I admitted to being one. 

In between finishing the Mary King's Close and our Ghost Tour with Auld Reekie, we ended up going and having a drink in one of the bars on the Royal Mile. Darren ended up not feeling so great so I had to drink mosof both my Kopparberg and Darren's Bulmers. After a while we ended up speaking to some of the local people who visited the pub often and even told us about a few places to play Pool near by. 

At just before 10 we ended up heading down to the starting point for our Ghost Tour that night. This tour was really similar to the ones we did back in July with walking around the Royal Mile then going into the Vaults. However, the main difference was that the Tour Group owned a large area of the Vaults and even had a room with torture devices. Once we had got into the Vaults we were shown into and about 5 different Vaults. There was one Vault we weren't allowed in but could look in which was owned by a Witches Coven who are still active today. Another one we went into had a stone circle set up by the Coven that was used to keep a Demonic entity in there. There was some stories told about people who have stepped inside it and ended up being hurt or injured somehow. One of these stories actually came from a couple whose daughter had visited the Vaults a few years ago and ended up with scorch marks on her arms. 
If you want to hear more about this certain Vault then you can watch episodes from Most Haunted as the crew from the programme have actually visited the vault for an episode. 

Have you ever visited a Vault in Edinburgh before? I'd love to hear about your experiences! I'll be uploading our final day in Edinburgh on Tuesday so keep tuned for that!

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