TRAVEL | Edinburgh in November // Day 1 & 2

Thursday, November 20, 2014

At the weekend, I was back in Edinburgh once again for a short break away! This time it was just as busy as the last but with a lot more sight seeing stuff on the agenda! This post is for Day 1(ish) and 2! 

Our trip down to the capitol started pretty late in the day. With me and having Uni till possibly what could have been 5'o'clock, we decided it would be best just to book a bus that would arrive in Dundee about 5.30. However, in the end due to some flooding, we never got to Edinburgh till about 8'o'clcok, an hour later than planned. 

Once we had got to the hotel, dumped our bags and I quickly got changed we headed out for tea at the Filling Station. The visit there wasn't as great as our first time with the wait being a lot longer even though it was pretty late on and not so busy. Afterwards, we decided to have a walk up to the Castle to see it lit up in the night sky.

Our first proper day in Edinburgh this time was just as hectic as our last trip there. We left our hotel about 9ish so we could grab some breakfast before going into the National Museum. But when we got up to the Museum about 9:30 we realised it didn't open till 10. After a little wander around the area and spending a good 10minutes staring at some squirrels we finally got in.

The museum had sooo much to see, even with spending over 2 hours in there we probably only seen about half of what was on offer. My favourites in the Museum were definitely the Astrology/Geology, Foreign Culture and the little bit of Art they had on display. These 3 areas definitely sparked some creativity too so I'm going to have a huge sketching session at some point. We also visited the Scotland History and Animal sections which were pretty awesome too. We left after the 2 hours after I had thought I lost my camera lens cap somewhere- it was actually stuck at the bottom of my bag. 

Next up was a little trip to the Grassmarket area. First we stopped of at a Craft Fair that was being held in the Church at Greyfriars Graveyard. I never bought anything which was a little disappointing but there was some awesome things on display. We also ended up going into a few independent shops again but I never bought anything there. Once we actually got to Grassmarket we had a look around the Saturday market and both Darren and I got a Harry Potter cuff/bracelet. 

After dropping our stuff off back at the Hotel and grabbing some lunch we ended up in Camera Obscura. Although the film they show was finished we thought it was worth it going in for the view and other interactive parts. The view from the rooftop were beautiful and with the sun setting behind the Castle made it even more so. The rest of the floors were pretty awesome too as they had some mental illusions on them. 

That night after having tea at Garfunkles we went on the Ghost Bus Tour we had booked. Compared to the Ghost Tours we had gone on the last time we were in Edinburgh it didn't really feel it was worth the £30 we spent. But it was still quite amusing and a good way to end our first night in Edinburgh.

I'll be uploading some photos but much more stories about our Third Day in Edinburgh on Saturday so make sure to check back then to hear about some spooky Vault stories!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, I love the one of the castle with the sunset! I'm going to be spending a few days in Edinburgh in June for my anniversary and I can't wait to explore the city again x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Thanks Charlotte! So exciting ahh! There is so many great places to visit x



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