Sunday Summary #44

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This Sunday Summary is obviously very late but I was away on holiday so it took a bit of a back seat for then! I didn't want to just miss this one out because it was a huge week and so much went on. So I've still got it uploaded but I've scheduled it to the right date. 

My instagram has definitely seen the change with now having an iPhone! I feel my photos on instagram look so much better too, especially because I'm able to do a lot more with the filters and contrast. 
I've started a lot of work on my Uni stuff and I think I'm hopefully getting closer to a big 'break through' with my work. 
Friday was the start of a long and grueling day as I headed in for my 9am lecture at Uni and a meeting with my group. With not everybody turning up for our group the meeting only lasted until 12ish meaning I had a good 5 and a half hours to kill till the train was meant to get to Dundee. After killing a good 3 hours sitting in the Uni, doing a little bit of work and sorting out some blog scheduling I ended up heading into the shops to see what new treats were out there. The bus ended up being about an hour late so I had even more time to kill before the time killed my battery! Eventually, I finally got on the bus and to Edinburgh. You can read about the rest of my Friday and weekend at Edinburgh here and here

Working on uni stuff // packing for this weekend! // Out for walkies // Doing some sketching! // Work from communication & interaction
Killing time before my bus to Edinburgh // Yay back in Edinburgh! // Love the tiles in National Museum! // Great day in Edinburgh

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