Sunday Summary #43

Sunday, November 09, 2014

I'm thinking about this week just now and it's honestly all passed in a flash! So much has gone on that I'm struggling to remember it all. 
The biggest thing I done, well bought this week was an iPhone 5S! My parents paid partially for it as a graduation gift and yaay so happy with it! So glad I have one now because I can have loads of apps that I couldn't get on my samsung galaxy y and I don't need to steal Darren's phone to use them.
I had such a fun week at Uni too. On Tuesday, we went to this exhibition in the Social building. It was quite mental and parts of it left a 'trippy' feel afterwards but it was really interesting. Then on Thursday we headed to the DCA to be shown around their print studio. I've used a number of the techniques they have there before including laser cutting, screen printing and lino cutting. But it's a really awesome and creative place so I think I'll be getting a membership there too!

At the end of this week I'm headed off to Edinburgh with Darren for the weekend so I won't be around to do a Sunday Summary then. I probably won't be having my usual Found This Week on Monday (17th) for the same reason but it depends if I get home early or late. I've not quite decided if I'm going to do a summary of this next week and the week after in one or separately but it will probably be uploaded the 23rd. To keep up to date, follow me on instagram or even twitter to see what I'm up too.

Look who got an iPhone!! // I've got my new shows on // Test screen print from DCA // Mm orange hot chocolate! // Blog design for Charlotte // Finally managed to get OhComely!

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  1. Oh fab I love getting a new phone, well I always used to hahah I am still with the four until it dies but bet it's awesome and a nice hard earned pressy xx


    1. Same it's been a few years since I got a phone and even then that was an impulse buy because my other phone broke! xx



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