Sunday Summary #42

Monday, November 03, 2014

This week has literally been insane! Looking back over the week, I have had something on each day that has made the day mental, some more so than others. I'm going to probably write individual posts on a lot of what actually happened this week but here's the low down...
Monday- seen Lee Evans live at the AECC. Was hilarious and he basically made me cry at the end with a cute song, his love for his wife and for him being to thankful about where he has got to as a performer. <3
Tuesday- Graduation day! Finally Graduated from College and seen a few people who I was in class with. Also went out to Cosmos for lunch which was yummy!
Wednesday- Went to Make to laser cut this Halloween ring design for Hannah. Then went on the RGU Drama Society Ghost Walk. 
Thursday- Crazy day in Uni, found out going to a printing workshop next week (yay, excited!). Came home to rush do internet and the #cbloggers chat. 
Friday- Out again for Graduation, this time with whole family and went to a restaurant at home. Was yummy!
Saturday- Working and everything seemed to go wrong, papers came in like 3 hours late and lost my locker key!
Sunday- Working again, found lost locker key and then went to the Fireworks display in Stonehaven. Charlotte revealed her new blog design that I designed/illustrated for her!

I usually would say more about my week than this but it is currently 00:10 and I'm challenging myself in order to string sentences together! 
Almost Lee Evans time!! // Lee Evans at the end of the show last night!! // Graduation day!! // Got a macro lens // Ghost tour time!!
Hot chocolate with Darren & Racheal // Halloweeny cupcakes // Love bonfire night! // Won this fella

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  1. Sounds like a super busy week! I love fireworks but not sure if I'll make it to the Aberdeen display this year as I've got a photo shoot for uni at the college studios all day then on location at night - going to be stressful but I'm really excited about it x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. It was! The photo shoot sounds amazing too, have fun! x



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