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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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With the recent and very quick change in the UK weather it has suddenly started feeling a lot more Wintery and like we bypassed Autumn completely! It doesn't feel like long since I posted my Autumn Pins, heck, it doesn't feel really that long ago since I posted my Christmas Pins last year. 

Over the past few days, I have been slowly getting more and more exciting for Christmas to come rolling in. My work have started stocking Christmas decorations & gifts, Costa have released their Christmas line of drinks and I'm starting to hear some Christmas songs being played in stores. Although I feel it's a little too early for the last one, I'm still so excited! 

I'm hoping this year that there will be snow. There hasn't been a good snowfall in a while. And although it will interrupt my Uni work majorly, I want to go run in the snow. I miss the snow fights. And building snow man. Then coming inside for 'cosy juice'. I'm ready for the cold. And I can't wait. 

A few of my favourite Christmassy things: finding people the perfect present // the excitement snow brings // singing along to Christmas songs // walking home to see the Christmas lights shinning through the window // spending time with my family // watching Doctor Who // mum making lots of soup // having a second Christmas with Darren // boxing day sales

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  1. EEK this makes me SO excited, I cannot wait! I love all the fairs for christmas and present buying, I wish I had a nice little log fire haha xx

    1. Same here, gutted I'm missing the Edinburgh one though by a week! One of the reasons I miss going to my grandparents partially! :/ xx

  2. This makes me so sad actually. Excited because I love Christmas, but sad because it's just really not the same in New Zealand. I want snow!! Hope you enjoy all the great things that come with a white christmas <3

    Caitlin x

    1. Yeah I totally get that :/ It must feel so weird to be in a place with absolutely no snow! Thank you! <3



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