Little Update - Things since last week

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's been a little while since I last properly updated this blog that wasn't a scheduled post. Over the past week I've had a bit of mental time and since I wasn't at home for my Sunday Summary I felt a mid-week update would be a good idea!
Over the weekend I was down in Edinburgh for the weekend with Darren. It was great just to have some time of from work and not have to be stressing so much about Uni and just enjoy myself. Edinburgh is such a beautiful and interesting city which is why we have visited twice in half a year! I'll be sharing some photo updates from our time over this week and next so keep an eye out.

Only a little bit late, I'm actually up for nomination in the UK Blog Award in both the Lifestyle and Arts&Culture categories. Both categories are extremely strong so I would be surprised if I won but it's worth a shot! I've been thinking a lot still about what I want my blog to be, whether that is Lifestyle or Arts&Culture. Obviously it is the later and as much as I love including bits about my life it isn't why I started this blog, nor why I want to continue it. I want to speak about design and let me obsession for it come across in most of my posts. I also want it to be a place where I am developing things like photography and illustrations so as much as I love Lifestyle, it won't feature as much probably. However, let me know who you do vote for in the Blog Awards and if you're up for nominations yourself!

I've also been updating my Uni blogs a lot over the past week or so, so if you want to read more from me or hear about my projects in great deal then that's the place to go! I've got a hand in for one Class at the start of next month so things are starting to get a little stressful now! But anyway, the links for the blogs: Kinetic Illustration, Communication & Interaction, Creative Research. I've also been thinking doing some 'reflective' posts based on my Creative Research lectures so some of that may start appearing, similar to my Felix Pfaffli/Design Style and Print Isn't Dead posts from a few months back. I love how these develop into a discussion kind of so I want to do more of that here. 

Last but not least and it's over to the Instagram world. At the start of the year I was taking part in the #100happydays photo challenge and after hearing about #Make30PhotosI knew I had to get involved! I love having a challenge that's pushing me to push my creativity. Especially with just getting an iPhone it's been great for experimenting with the camera and different editing tools. I'm currently just a week into it after not posting every day but it's been fun so far, you can read more about it here.

I think that's really everything to catch up on! I'll hopefully be getting back into a better blogging routine for the rest of the week after my little holiday time of. I'm not sure what Design related post will be up tomorrow but keep an eye out for the first edition of 5 tips Friday on well, Friday! 

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