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Friday, November 07, 2014

Last Tuesday, I finally graduated with my College Class. It was a bit weird in all honesty to be doing it, especially after sitting through my sisters University one during the Summer.  
I think in all honesty, my whole graduation experience was pretty standard. I was up by 6 to get a shower, dressed and apply all my make up. We then proceeded to leave the house about 25 to 8 and got to the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen by about 25/20 to 9. It took about an hour due to there being an accident on the way in and it held traffic up for most of the 15miles between Stonehaven and Aberdeen. We then waited about 15minutes until the doors opened so that we could get inside and get my robe. 
Once I was all sorted and had the robe pinned to my top (yup, I was that person who didn't wear a dress/skirt) I headed down to the seating area for the Graduates. By the time I was seated I had a good 40minute wait until it even started. But once my class mates started sitting down it was nice to have a little catch up with them. 
With the Graduation ceremony it last about an hour and a half. With my course being at the end of the alphabetical list, my class were the last to head up. I'm so glad that I never tripped up while walking up the stage and across it. That was my biggest fear! 

After the guest speaker had spoken and the Ceremony had finished, we went to get our 'professional photos taken. My dad had them booked before hand so we just had to queue up in order for a photographer to be available. I have to say I don't exactly like the photos that were taken as I feel they are just really fake and I look a bit stupid! So glad that I'll see them in my parents home for the rest of my life! 
Once we were all done, we ended up going out for lunch at one of my favourite places- Cosmos! It was my parents first time being there so we basically had to explain what they did. It's fair to say we all ended up over eating, felt like I was going to have a food baby afterwards! 

Overall, even though it wasn't exactly overly exciting it was still a good day and I didn't have any mishaps apart from a little rain. It'll be nice to see how my Uni graduation contrasts from my College one in a few years though!  

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  1. CONGRATS to you, I am dreading the day, I hate anyone looking at me/any attention drawn in situations like this mainly the whole tripping up too hahaha, but hey it's a nice day to remember even if it isn't overly exciting xx

    1. Thank you! :D It'll be fine, trust me! xx



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