Found this Week // 17

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's been a while since the last Found This Week, so prepare yourself for loads of awesomeness!

This pretty little spot Kaylah found is brilliant! I wish my town had something like it
Love this Concept Art for Disney films
I think I am in love with this instagram- so many beautiful colours!
Totally loving this quote/typography!
The #CraftTheRainbow project is pretty dawn awesome! Next instagram challenge sorted.

Also found this week:
> This tutorial is such a great but very simple and easy to do idea!
> Charlotte's post about protecting your tech has really made me think about upping my protective gear!
> Somebody please buy my this top!?
> These drawings are utterly mind blowing! 
> Holly's post on entering competitions is so true! Really need to do more myself though
> I honestly just love this piece about Travel & Creativity 

What awesome things have you found?

PS, please vote for OhHay! Blogs in Arts & Culture for the UK Blog Awards 2015 here – it takes a few seconds and would make me an extremely happy blogger!

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