Found This Week // 16

Monday, November 10, 2014

These collages by Laura Redburn are so beautiful
This recipe sounds amazing!

Hearing this from a fellow creative/blogger it has made me think a lot!
If you haven't seen Monty from the John Lewis Christmas advert, you are seriously missing out!
How beautiful is this? The rest of the designs in the set are also stunning.
Also found this week:
> Jemma's reflective post is so amazing and I'm glad things have got better for her
> Pretty much the best way to plan any projects/commission work
> This drink sounds like the perfect one to have one cold autumn/wintery nights! 
> Need to print this off as I am definitely one who falls into the winter blues! 
> Awesome test I did this week to see how many words I can read per minute (about 240) How many can you read? 
> I'm pretty much in love with these shoes

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  1. The pocket pies look AMAZING, I am supposed to be eating healthier too oh boy xxx



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