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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

During the last #cbloggers chat we were speaking about all things to do with creative ruts. At the end of the chat it was put forward for people to mention any designers, sites, really just anything they found inspiring which brings me to today's feature. Lauren-Dorkfeatures linked a video she had been watching earlier, from a guy called James Victore and since then I've been hooked! 

I had never heard of this guy before but I've looked lots of times for great Design vloggers but never really found any that I could constantly watch -apart from Charli Marie. After watching the one Lauren linked I instantly subscribed, knowing that his videos were perfect! 

His YouTube series I have been watching is called Burning Questions, where James answers questions sent to him by viewers to do with problems in the Design world. Throughout each video I've watched I couldn't sympathise with the people asking them any more. They are so relevant to someone still going through and learning about design, even the ones more to do with jobs and such. The way he answers them and how he answers them is something I've never really seen before and is definitely not something I have been told so far during my education.  

At the moment I feel I'm in a good place, I'm still doubting some decisions but feel that I am on the right track and watching his videos has made me feel so much better about it. They have also made me question things like taking too much on and looking to the future. 

I'd really urge anybody who is studying design to go have a watch of a few of his videos which can be found here. Also have a read of Lauren's post here, about James Victore, which I read after the first video she shared. 

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