Dear November

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dear November,
This month has been so crazy, especially this past week. I've had so much going on over this month from Uni feedback week, seeing Lee Evans live and finally graduating from College! The weather has been turning more and more autumnal like (even though it has stayed quite warm and dry) but I've been getting into the Autumnal way like most people. I'm also really proud of myself for basically reading 3 books (I'm like 100 pages of my third one, close enough though) this month- the most I've read in a time period this year! 

At the start of the month I had mentioned hoping to do more commission pieces and design work. I've really just finished the blog design for Charlotte- Colours And Carousels, which is going to be active after this weekend. Apart from that, I haven't done much design work apart from University work and a few one off pieces for Halloween. I have however, registered for the New Blood competitions and hope to do a few of the briefs once they're up and running!
With Halloween being yesterday, I had wanted to do some properly Halloweeny and get dressed up and go out with friends. However, with going out for Graduation my celebrations ended up being involved with a Halloween Swap and going on a Ghost Tour in Aberdeenn.
I also hoped this month I would meet up with some friends as they were getting new jobs/moving, I feel so bad that I haven't actually been able to with just being busy with other stuff. But with my hours finally going back to normal at work I hope I can maybe start to meet up with them now. 

Over the next month I'm not sure on what goals/hopes I want to have in all honesty! I would like to try and get caught up on my GoodReads challenge as I'm currently 2 books behind schedule. If I keep up with how I have been this past month I think I can catch up. I think during November I'm going to try and be a little more organised too. This blog has been suffering the past few months and so I need to start posting more regularly and have ideas actually planned in some way. I also need to get the #cbloggers chat more organised with (hopefully) questions scheduled more than a few hours before. I think I'm going to actually limit myself to two goals this month as I know I'll be busy with Uni anyway. 
Also I'm away to Edinburgh again this month, so if you have any suggestions of places to visit (food, shops, general places, etc) then let me know!

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  1. I'm also behind on my goodreads challenge! Serious, I never thought reading books would be so hard since I'm addicted to reading, just not enough time.

    1. I lost my "addiction" to reading for a while but it's definitely spurring out of control just now haha! As long as I read at least 3 books this month and next I'll be caught up!



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