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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More and more nowadays people are so wrapped up in the world on their screens that they don't take in the beauty of everything around them.Opting to hashtag instead of talk and use filters instead of their own eyes, it's no wonder that people don't seem to venture into the unknown anymore. Which is where Tim Easley's new promotion packet fits in. For somebody who loves all things printed I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! 

At the end of my time at College, we had to create pieces that would be used to promote ourselves, Along with a few other people on my course, ended up sending our own promotion packs to different studios and companies across the City. The great thing about sending promotion packs is that you can show a bit more of your personality in it than just the standard letter, cv, exhibition ticket, etc. Plus it always looks so much more impressive than an email

With Tim's self promotion you can really see into, heh see what I did there, the 2D world. Using a sarcastic tone of voice in the "press release" it really shows what he thinks of the world. From behind the glasses you can jump into 2D life and be able to accomplish anything!

Brilliantly ironic is the inclusion of a hashtag for the promotion. Once you receive your glasses snap a photo of the life you see outside or of a selfie to show the magic of. Not being much of a selfie taker I've decided not to share one for the time being, but still go have a peak through the #ViewLifeIn2D hashtag on Instagram. 

Tim's project has is honestly so brilliant like the rest of his work. Like the image above I find a lot of them very inspirational so please do go check out his shop for loads of prints, stickers, greeting cards and apparel!

This project was designed and produced by Tim Easley. The glasses were sent to me in order to write a blog post based on them, All views and opinions are my own. To read more about the project you can do so on Tim's behance

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  1. That is incredible and a unique, refreshing concept I will definitely check out the shop xxx


    1. I know! It's such a brilliant idea. He has some awesome stuff like so you should! xxx

  2. This is such a fantastic idea for a project, and looking through the hashtag there's some really cool stuff to be seen. I like the little tongue in cheek additions as well, I have to admit.

    Sammy xo.



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