UNI LIFE // Uni Updates #2

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Since my last Uni Update, I feel I've made a lot of progress in the past 2 weeks with all of my projects so felt it was time for a bit of an update. I also have my feedback week next week and think it would be great to put this out there before hand. The full progress of each of my modules can be found on the blogs I shared in the last update. 

Since my last update I haven't exactly made an amazing amount of progress but I have decided on the brief I'm doing. For my brief I'm basically focusing on creating an advert for a podcast that would be on iTunes. The direction for my advert will really be centeralised around travelling. I think the advert will include 'vlog like' shots from various places including from my Hometown and possibly Edinburgh when Darren and I go there next month. 

This project has kind of changed a lot since my last update as I've decided to go in a slightly different direction. With this project, I've decided to design a board game that will still focus on my topic of Social Media. The change of mind came after my first presentations where my lecturers raised the issue of the zine possibly not being enough to last the year, which after really thinking it through was completely true.

As with Kinetic Illustration, I haven't made a huge amount of progress but I have at least got started. The book I've chosen to go with for this project is 'The Mini Manual of Zodiac Signs', although it isn't exactly a story based book like I had initially planned, it will allow me to have a lot more creative freedom with it. 

Professional Project
This will be a little bit of a short update due to the fact that my project will be covered by an NDA and plus I don't want to put too much details out there for the time being! But as of now we have decided on a game type/direction/visual style and have our pitches to the client next week. It has been pretty chaotic to get things done but I really think our game will be pretty awesome if it goes to plan!

I really feel that the progress in the past two weeks has been really great tbh! I do hope that I continue to be able to work at a good rate. I just hope that the visions I've thought up for each of them live up to the standards I want! 

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