Sunday Summary #41

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I honestly don't know where this week has gone! With this week being feedback/crit week at Uni I didn't have to go in as much as I usually would but I didn't exactly do anything exciting with my time off.

During our feedback week in Uni we had our first pitch to the client we're working with (Pixel Blimp if you'd like to know). It went extremely well with them really liking our concept and loving the way we presented it as they hadn't seen something like it before! So excited to get the game fully started and see it as something we can play with. 

My hair this week has also been feeling really great, as I got it cut on Monday - the first time I've had it cut in a year and also getting it redyed! I've also been getting my reading book shoes (?) on as I've finished two books in about a week and a half- the quickest this year! This week I've also been working on a special little project with Charlotte from over at Colours and Carousels

I'm super excited for this next week though as I have so much going on! On Monday night Darren and I are seeing Lee Evans at the AECC- second row!!! Tuesday I have my graduation from College then going to Cosmos afterwards, plus going out with the rest of the family later in the week. I'm also heading out to a Ghost Walk with the RGU DA on Wednesday which will be my Halloween celebrations this year! 
How has your week been?

Missing London // Cold autumnal nights // Chippers for tea! // Finally dying my hair // Finished book 2 now onto book 3

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