Sunday Summary #39

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mega late Sunday Summary, oops! This past weekend I've just been in a bit of daze to be honest! I was working 3-10 on Saturday night, then 7-2 on Sunday morning so I was exhausted! I ended up coming home catching up on Xfactor then having a nap before tea/the lbloggers chat. After that, I really just couldn't be bothered doing very much at all, especially with starting work at 7 again today! 

The rest of the week has been a bit of a mix as usual. I haven't done really much spectacular things but definitely heading in a better direction. I've got a few commission pieces basically finished up just need to get some necklace chains then I can send them off. I also feel like I know a lot more of what I'm doing with Uni after seeing briefs for Kinetic Illustration, having my presentation for Communication & Interaction and getting together with my group for Professional Project. The only one I'm not sure with is Creative Research- I had a really strong idea but after my presentation, it's kind of fallen through so I'm a bit stuck again.
The best thing about my time at Uni this past week though was definitely going into The Pancake Place with Lauren because oh-my-god it was amazing. I went with the rocky road pancake- pancakes smothered in chocolate sauce with marshmallows sandwiched between and ice cream on the side! Although it was quite sickly, it was delicious!

Personal commission necklace for Jessica // Away to do a lil blog planning/writing & reading! // Another train journey! // Amazing rocky road pancake from The Pancake Place! // Love my new mug and fox cosy!

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