Sunday Summary #38

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Once again I forgot to take a photo today, oops, so have this outtake from my woodland wander last month! I always seem to get so distracted in the afternoons (if I have them free) by doing other things like letter writing or sorting out University stuff! This week like all nowadays, has passed like nothing but then actually thinking about it I have been quite busy. 

During the middle of the week I had a massive shopping spree with Union Square having there student event on. Usually when I go have a little shop about I will spend at maximum like £20 but on Wednesday I spent a whopping overall £100! I bought about £30ish in Paperchase on cards, homey bits and a reusable bag. In H&M I spent another £30ish on a a few tshirts and another cardigan. Then in New Look I spent £35 on a jacket and a few pairs of socks. I'm not too sure about the jacket though so I might take it back!

Then yesterday, after a 7 hour shift at work, Darren had decided to take me out for a little surprise night, even though I already worked out most of the details! We ended up going to Cadonnas at the beach in Aberdeen and having tea at TGI Fridays. Apart from me bashing my finger at the Amusements we had a really great night! Darren won a minion for me, I won the jackpot on a ticket game meaning we got 450ish tickets making our grand total for the night being about 1,000! I also ended up winning a free round of mini golf by getting the ball into the center pocket!  

Got my tickets for Graduation next month! // bubblegum daiquiri on date night! // Hit the jackpot!! // Done sooo much shopping this week! // Got round to writing some more letters!

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  1. Spending £30 in Paperchase is so worth it, they have so many pretty things! Hope you have a good week!! x

    1. Haha certainly is! Hope you have a great week too! x



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