September Favourites

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Another month, another bunch of favourites!

Bulldog tshirt- I bought this tshirt from New Look a few weeks ago and it's so cute and comfy! I honestly don't tend to wear white or tshirts for that matter, but it's so cute! It's also on sale now.
Planet Spa Face Mask- I've had this face mask for ages but haven't used it till this month. I love how it feels after using it in the shower.
Ghostly Treats Yankee Candle- I never knew that Yankee Candle made halloween themed candles but I'm so glad they do! It reminds me a lot of the Merry Marshmallow scent they have out at Christmas so I truly love it.
Lift Lemon Instant Tea- I've loved this tea for ages but never really talked about it. It's so perfect and tastes delicious! 
Computer Arts Magazine- As a design student, the Computer Arts magazines have always tempted me but until recently I haven't picked them up. They always include great articles and lots of good tips.

Other favourites from the past month-
Watch it // Charli Mari TV - I love Charli's YouTube channel. From a mixture of design to lifestyle to fashion she covers lots of topics. Plus the editing on her videos are really well done too.
Play it // Amazing Thief - Although I kind of find the title of the game misleading, the actual game is amazing. It is so addictive and even though I'm not particularly great at it, it's still so much fun!
Read it // Another Coffee Shop - As someone who is always on the hunt for design blogs this one was an instant favourite! I love how targeted and focused Holly's blog posts are.

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  1. AH! That Yankee candle! I've been wanting to buy that for a while! Glad you've said what it smells like because now I have even more reason to buy it. xx

    1. It's amazing, hope you can find somewhere to pick it up! xx

  2. Merry Marshmallow candle sounds amazing - very cool that they're doing halloween themed ones too! Hey you've found Charli, I'm glad - she's so lovely <3

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. I know! But this is the only Halloween one I've smelt and liked, so mum did a good job haha! And yeah I heard about her through you actually! <3

  3. The bulldog t-shirt is so cool! This was a great post Lauren!! x

    1. It's really cute haha! and thanks! x

  4. I'm in love with that T-Shirt :) x



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