Found This Week // 12

Monday, October 06, 2014

Prue's photography is very risque but very beautiful!
I love this packaging design, the chocolate/badges are a plus too!
This short animation is stunning! Certainly did deserve the Oscar Nomination.
Dana's story about getting help is very thought provoking. It just makes you think about the way mental health is looked at.

Also found this week:
I love these tips from Becky, if you're getting married (or planning) soon then you should have a read.
This mini Disney animation is beautiful, just wish it was a full length film!
Need to keep this post bookmarked since I may be getting an iPhone soon!
It's crazy how an amazingly beautiful game like Little Big Planet started out like this.
Blog of the Week // Asian Beauty Secrets - Really has made me start to think about my health regime/skin care!
Listening to // We Sink - CHVRCHES 

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  1. I love the Paperman animation - it's so beautiful!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. I love that first photo, am going to check out prue asap! love ths amazing vibrant colours xx

    1. You really should, her work might not be to everybody's taste but it is beautiful! xx

  3. WOW that top photo is breathtaking D:!!!

  4. These are really great. I love the animation. Such a cute post.
    Would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks! :) and I'll check your blog out, but I don't just do f4f for the sake of it, sorry!

  5. WOW, Prue's photography is incredible (and totally weird, haha)! Thanks for the intro!

    1. haha it really is, pretty awesome though!



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