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Friday, October 10, 2014

A while ago I shared a collection of resources that I personally use for staying inspired. Since then I have been thinking about incorporating more design into this blog which has made me want to do a more specific design version of it. After also seeing Charli Mari do a video on her resources I wanted to do my own version of it. I'll try to just include things that I haven't spoken too much about before.

Computer Arts Magazine- I love this magazine so much! It's great for reading about different designers, new projects, exhibitions/shows and other things going on in the design world.

The Dieline- I don't look at this blog too much but it always shares loads of great packaging products and rebrands from around the world. It's also great because it promotes student designs too!

DaFont - This was a huge resource for me while in College. With millions of free fonts over there, it is highly unlikely you won't find the perfect font!

It's Nice That - This is the perfect blog to keep up to date with loads of awesome stuff. There are lots of blogs/websites like these out there but definitely think this is one of the best!

Digital Tutors - Although this website costs to sign up with, if you are studying some sort of creative course chances are you're College/University will be able to get free accounts with them so make sure you ask! They have loads of tutorials to follow for loads of different software

Ted Talks - Another great one from College, we were shown so many TED talks during then and they are brilliant! If you want a little bit of inspiration or just something interesting to watch these are a must.

David Airey - Ok so this is another one from college but this one is great too! There is so many posts on this blog with a lot of advice for students.

For the time being I think that's the best resources I know out there. I will probably do a follow up one later on with more resources but for the time being let me know some of your favourite resources out there!

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  1. Ted Talks are absolutely the best! You'll find one on any subject and are always interesting and informative. Have you seen the one about the Before I die wall?
    Kate xx

    1. They are great! And I haven't seen it, it's been a while since watching it so need a good catch up! xx

  2. as much as i like the it's nice that and creative review blogs for keeping up-to-date with industry, i've found that the hallmark creative blog is fabulous for daily updates if you're more into illustration. also creativemornings offer similar talks to the ones found on ted and is definitely worth having a nosey at if you've never heard of it before :)

    robyn x

    1. Ooh I totally forgot about Hallmark! They are really great too. I've never heard of creativemornings so I'll have to have a nosy of them! x



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