Dear October

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Dear October,
September has been a weird month to be honest. It's been one of those months you look back on and think 'where the hell did it go?' but then once you start breaking down and looking to what you actually did, you realise a lot has happened.

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Probably the biggest thing that has happened this month has been starting Uni. I honestly was so nervous when I started and felt like I'd be a complete outsider in the class. It hasn't actually been like that though so once again, I was being paranoid! I wouldn't say that I have yet pushed myself out of my comfort zone like I had mentioned in Dear September but it's not like I don't have the chance to in the next coming months so I will try to at some point. I also said I wanted to be more creative in my projects, although I haven't started anything properly my ideas all are probably more creative than they would have been at College. Last but not least, I wanted to get some Christmas shopping done this month, well this didn't happen at all! But there's still like 12 weeks haha! I'll try and get some done this month though.

The past month I've made a lot of commission pieces and I want to try and push that further this month too. I've got a few thins to do from laser cut designs to blog headers so I can't wait to get started! It's also Halloween is at the end of this month so I hope to actually do something for it! It's been a few years where I've dressed up and had a bit of spooky fun! This month I really need to meet up with some friends too. With a friend moving away and others having new jobs it's not really been possible to meet up but I miss em and want to see them! 

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  1. How quick was September? Ahh so crazy. This year has just flown by. xx

  2. Oh wow you wanted to do some Christmas shopping in September(!) you're ahead of the game there! Good on ya! I was just thinking the other day that I'm gonna start discretly asking people what they want for Christmas now so that by the time Christmas comes around, they'll (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised that I paid attention to the little things they said months in advance! What a plan ;) - Hope you have a good October too!

    Cat ♥ Cachoo Joo

    1. Wanted to but never done it haha! That's a good idea, gets it out of the way too :P x

  3. YAY congrats to all the effort you have been in especially with uni too, look forward to hearing about blog headers too! xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

    1. Thank you! :D And hopefully will be soon! ;) xxx



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