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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Three weeks ago I properly started studying down at Abertay and since then I haven't really shared any updates on any course work or how I've been finding it. Because of this I thought I would do a little update post just about my modules.

So, unlike my college days I have to run a blog specifically for each of my modules meaning that if I were to update this blog each time I needed to do so for a different project it might get a bit over whelming. With this in mind I've set up individual tumblr pages for each of my modules. I will try and update any significant updates to this blog but in the long run to see my full process, it's probably best to pop over to tumblr!
For this term (and for even the full year) my modules consist of Kinetic Illustration, Creative Research, Communication and Interaction and Professional Project. Each of which have specific tutors for them.
In Kinetic Illustration, I have to basically create either a video/motion graphic in After Effects. I haven't seen the briefs for this project yet so I don't exactly know what the full focus is yet but so far we've tried a few things out on After Effects, visited the Helen Phillipson exhibition and we're trying out green screens later today.
Creative Research is basically like my Self Imitated project that I created for the End of Year Show. Each student chooses a subject or area they would like to work in with a end goal in mind to create. So far my idea is to create a magazine or zine type thing that I think will focus around the world of Social Media or how 'Print Isn't Dead'. 
For Communication and Interaction, we are to take a book or story and then make an interactive version of it either based on (part of) the story or something that relates to a specific part of the story. As of yet I haven't picked a book so any suggestions below would be great! 
Our Professional Project is basically our group project for the year. With Professional Project we are put into groups and (majority) of the briefs aims are to create a game as the final outcome. As of last week, we were put into our groups. I've touched a little on this in my Sunday Summary post already but my group seems pretty good and looking forward to starting it. Game design hasn't been something I've done a huge amount of in the past so it'll be a nice (probably hard) learning curve.

I'm quite excited to get into each of my modules but I have felt that the progress so far has been quite slow since I haven't even found out the briefs for one of them and I haven't done anything really substantial over all. But I'm sure it'll all happen soon enough!

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