Sunday Summary #37

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another week has been come and gone and I honestly don't know where it's gone. The blog has definitely taken a little bit of damage this week as I haven't posted nearly as much as I would have liked but some times life does just get in the way. I also forgot to take a proper photo to use for today's Sunday Summary even though I took several others for instagram/other blog posts- oops!

So much has happened this week that I just want to speak about it all, so I'll give a quick run down of the highlights!
On Tuesday my Uni class and I headed to the DCA to see the Heather Phillipson Sub-Fusc Love Feast exhibition. Phillipson is a videographer to say in the simplest terms but she has a very, well, unique take on the videoing world. The exhibition was at the least was completely bonkers but the effects used on the video clips were really interesting and I might try and do something similar in my own project.
This week I also spent a bit of time at Make working on some commissions. I honestly love just visiting Make as the environment always puts me in a great mood. I've also loved being able to do so many commissions and personal designs so quickly. I am still waiting on some materials to make my own designs out of but I'm not sure when they'll get done. 
Thursday night was the launch of #cbloggers! I was honestly so nervous of hosting my first chat ever, let alone starting up my own chat group! But everybody seemed to have a good time and wanted to interact so I can't wait for the second one this week, I'm just a little stuck on what questions to ask this time.
Another mini Uni update (a full one to come this week), but on Friday we found out our groups/briefs we will be working on over the two semesters for Personal Projects. From our first 'meeting' it seems like it will be a good project, even though I think compared to the other artists in the groups there may be a bit of a visual style clash. But we'll work that out. 

I think that's all the 'big' updates from my week, how has your week been?

Just visited the Heather Phillipson exhibition at the DCA // Lots of notebooks for Uni! // Want to watch more of Attack on Titan so bad! // New candle that mum picked up // I buy waaaay to many magazines! 

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  1. EEEK you don't have to apologise for being busy it's really exciting. glad uni is going well AND with your little craft projects xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. That picture of the match is incredible! It's great that you've started cbloggers I'm looking forward to taking part soon! xx

    1. Thank you! And yay, hope it is very soon that you can join in! :D xx



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